Insurance for boats

    Unlike home and auto insurance, boat insurance policies can vary considerably from one insurer to another. More information: . Once you have detected a broker, take the opportunity to explain where, when and how you intend to use your boat. All risk insurance is suggested.

    The marine insurance broker

    The marine insurance broker acts as an intermediary between an insured person and an insurance company, falsified by his clients to negotiate the best possible contracts with insurance companies, the part of the insurance broker consisting in offering the contracts best suited to the profile of their policyholders, in terms of protection, rates or guarantees. He negotiates the terms of the contract and then takes care of the administrative implementation of the contract. Throughout the life of this contract, its role is also to assist the insured in the management of claims. As a result, it often offers risk management solutions or additional advice.

    Insure your boat

    It is strongly recommended to use a broker to insure your boat, as the legislation does not impose any liability for insurance on owners of boats employed for non-professional purposes, whether they are drifting boats, pleasure craft or motor boats. However, the navigator is exposed to a number of risks and could be held liable. Insurers offer different types of cover generally grouped into “multi-risk” contracts and organised around the basic “civil liability” policy. This warranty will frequently be required to acquire a ring in a vent or to winterize the vessel.

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